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GIVE - A truly unique opportunity

In adopting a similar, proven, scaled back church budget model from Ben’s Hope, we believe this is an incredible opportunity for a full-functioning all-abilities church here in Grand Rapids.

Our budget to be raised for 2021 is, $142,590, which includes a portion of build-out costs for our coming location. We’d like to ask for your partnership in prayer, involvement and financial support. 

It's incredible to see the many ways God is bringing every single provision. 

Every gift, large and small matter. Many people with special needs have been left isolated and alone, without a church home. You matter, only you can make this difference in creating a church for full inclusion of those with and without special needs. Today, what you do impacts inclusion as image bearers of Christ for the flourshing of individuals and families. Thank you for partnering in what God is doing!

Nearly one third of parents have changed their place of worship because their child with disabilities was not included or welcomed.(1)


Today, almost one in five Americans has a disability and nearly one in three families have a relative with a disability. (2)


84%, of people with and without disabilities considered their religious faith to be ‘‘somewhat’’ to ‘‘very important.’’ Put simply, having a disability is not a useful predictor of the importance of spirituality and faith in someone’s life. (1)


According to a recent study, more than half of parents said their child could not participate in a religious activity because support was not provided. (3)


For 2019, Grand Rapids is reported as the 8th best city to live for those with a disability.(4) We know that 7.2% of people have some significant special need (5), this means that just within city limits there are over 14,000 people living in limited impact by the church.


Faith communities are incomplete without the presence and participation of people with disabilities and their families.(6)                   


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Step 1: After clicking the "GIVE NOW" button below, it is important to select City Hope GR as the fund.
Step 2: Enter the donation amount.
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By mail

If giving by check, please make out to City Hope GR and mail to:

City Hope GR
c/o Coram Deo Association of Churches
291 W. Lakewood Blvd. #4

Holland, MI 49424                       

Thank you for partnering with City Hope GR!

                                                         *501(c)(3) All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.                                                        


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2Visit or
3Ault, M. J., Collins, B. C., & Carter, E. W. (2013). Congregational participation and supports for children and adults with disabilities: Parent perceptions. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 51, 48-61.

6 A Practical Guide for Congregations 2014.