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The latest prayers & Stories - May 2021

Here they are...


- Thank you God for new community connections/awareness.

- Thank you God for new people interested in partnering together.

- Thank you God for how you are at work in creating opportunities to spead the word about City Hope GR - in creating a church for all-abilities.

- Thank you God for providing a new gift match of $3500.

- Thank you God for beginning to develop relationships within a growing team of people who are choosing to make City Hope GR their church home.

- Thank you again God for continuing to provide supporters.

- Thank you God for your protection - as You go before the team in the work now and what lies ahead.


- That God would continue to show and make His way forward as we keep stepping - in preparation for the full launch of City Hope GR on September 12.

- For those considering becoming Ministry Partners in prayer and support - that God would open the floodgates and contirue to provide in a growing network that is so necessary for the work of City Hope GR to flourish.

- That God would continue to provide people, more than we can imagine - for the growing Core Team and those who will make City Hope GR their church home.

- Ongoing prayers for health and safety of our already existing team, Ministry Parnters and all those connected to City Hope GR. Satan would love nothing more than to bring harm to those commited to God's work here.

- Opportunities to share on radio, TV and other ways about the ministry of City Hope GR.


We just had two more Info Gatherings. These are opportunities for people to find out more about City Hope GR. God brought new people to each of those, we are so grateful! It was so good to hear from people about their expereinces and see how the Holy Spirit is moving when we gather.

Through a move the Holy Spirit we were able to share what God has been doing with a new family. This family chose to become a Ministry Partner. They have also pledged a gift match for new givers, of up to a total of $3500. We have constantly been at peace knowing God provides in all areas, including financial. It is so incredible when we get to be part of what God is doing by sharing the story and inviting others to partner in His work. We are so grateful for every person and can't wait to see how God's story continues to unfold.

The other week, someone who's personally been very influential passed away. He modeled what life looks like when we give of time and treasure, when we invest in others for the sake of God's Kingdom. We're reminded of what lasts forever and how what we do today really does matter. There are only a couple things we can do now that we won't be able to do in eternity...1) Share Jesus with the community and world around us that desperately needs Him, and sometimes we need to remember this includes those we forget about or assume are okay - our friends, neighbors, family, and those of all abilities, that is including those affected by disability. 2) Give of our abilities now toward others, as we join the mission of God.