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- Thank you God for an amazing launch, beyond what we imagined!

- Thank you God for partner churches that understand the unique needs and opportunities surrounding this new church.

- Thank you God for continuing to make City Hope GR known.

- Thank you God for the excitment and loving embrace by families, individuals and our Ministry Partners. We are grateful to be part of God's work in forming a church of all abilities.

- Thank you God for an amazing group of people who are making City Hope GR their church home.

- Thank you for the continued kind hearts of those at Monroe Church, for sharing space and considering us a true parter in ministry.

- Thank you God for the continual adding of new people and opportunities to make a difference. 


- That we would not waiver in certain reliance on God. This is His church, He provides and we are His people. He has calling us to continue to reach the lost, isolated, lonely and often those considered the "least of these." Without all abilities, the church is not complete. We pray for God's continued provision.

- For all the unknowns in constant trust as we look to and rely on You. That You, God would direct or re-direct in all things, according to Your will, Your way, not ours.

- That as individuals and families come we would help them see and meet Jesus, with the opportunity to be changed by Him. We want each person of all abilities to know how important they are, and that without them we all miss out.

- That following God, we would charge ahead and not let off the gas. Often when a church plant launches so much of the work is in preparation and it becomes easy to get into a set weekly rhythm of serving and worshipping. These are vital, but we believe as we do those two things, God is calling us to keep hitting the gas as we look to Him. 2022 is going to be an amazing year! For that we thank God, in advance!


GOD DID IT! He made clear the need, calling and opportunity for City Hope GR. After so much prayer, discerning and team work, the official launch happened. 72 people were at the launch, far beyond what we imagined! God is truly forming a church of all abilities. 

One of the families we contacted to remind them of the launch told us they had been waiting for a church like this longer than they can remember. They went on to say that they wouldn't miss this for anything. We were excited to welcome their whole family. God has been moving in the hearts of others now as they surround this family and remind them they are loved and needed, that they have a church family where they belong.

Just after launching we were invited to share how God has been moving and provide tours of the space to a group of churches from across the country. The Circle of Congregations gathered here in Grand Rapids. Together we were able to think about opportunities, while celebrating God's work in the lives of individuals impacted by disability. Specifically we encouraged one another and shared a united vision for those of all abilities, as the full picture of the church.