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- Thank you God for indivduals and families finding breath and joy here in a community here where they fit, are cared for, encouraged, needed and loved, as they also love others.

- Thank you God for people sharing some of the deepest pain and struggles as we learn to be better together, relying on You God, and sharing the promise of Your hope we live in.

- Thank you God for reminding us of how we expereince some of the best parts of life when your kingdom now says to those of all abilities, "You belong!"

- Thank you God for change and healing, as You lead Your church!

- Thank you God for amazing Ministry Partners who so love You. Because of their love, commitment and calling, the opportunity of making a unique difference like this can happen. God, we are grateful to be part of what You're doing! 


- That indivduals and families, regardless of a faith background (or none), would continue to hear and feel a special welcome through City Hope GR.

- For Your protection, wisdom, discernement and strength God, as we love each other and look to You.

- That we would not waiver in certain reliance on God. This is His church, He provides and we are His people. He has calling us to continue to reach the lost, isolated, lonely and often those considered the "least of these." Without all abilities, the church is not complete. We pray for God's continued provision.

- For all the unknowns in constant trust as we look to and rely on You. That You, God would direct or re-direct in all things, according to Your will, Your way, not ours.

- That as individuals and families come we would help them see and meet Jesus, with the opportunity to be changed by Him. We want each person of all abilities to know how important they are, and that without them we all miss out.

- For protection and blessing in the lives of each of our Ministry Partners. We know satan woud love to come against them as well, so we also pray God for Your overflowing blessing in their lives. We pray they would come to know You more deeply as they see their lives impacted as a result of Your special work, through them.

- That our financial needs as a church would continue to be met and even overflow as we look to some of the incredible possibilities ahead! You God are the Provider of all!


The other week, as we began to pray before our monthly church-wide meal, God did something unexpected and very special. A young boy joined Dave in praying out loud. It was extra special because this particular child has been getting more comfortable and is feeling welcomed. God continues to write His story throughout his autism journey. It's incredible when we get to be the church together!

One of the people we get to be part of life with is an adult in his late 20's. He is also impacted by autism and often can listen and walk around throughout the worship service.  To see people care for him as he cares for others has been such a gift. He often checks in on others as they also like to get to know him. There are new friednships forming and opportunities to get to know each other over lunches and more. God is blessing all of His people through all abilities!