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- Thank you God for connecting people who have been interested and excited about City Hope GR. People who have been interested in a unique church with a unique vision and mission -  with a focus on all abilities.

- Thank you God for providing amazing people who are caring for eachother in real life.

- Thank you God for helping us dream and step in unconventional ways as we love one another.

- Thank you God for providing necessary Ministry Partners, as the forgotten are being reached and lives are being changed forever.


- For individuals and families struggling through the challenges of physical and emotional hurdles.

- For those who are in a tough spot due to limited transportation options.

- For our community to know about the opportunity to connect, feel loved and welcomed because of what God is doing though City Hope GR.

- For the power of God to be seen, to carry us, and clearly overwhelm the power of darkness - we know that satan is not happy about the love of Christ being shown through City Hope GR, but we also know the power of God is greater than the darkness of the evil one.

- For discernment as we seek God, looking to step where and when He calls, as He builds His church.

- For continued financial provision. The needs are great. We've seen God provide and we believe and trust Him.


One of the ways God has been working is through a City Hope family that has found the love of Christ at work in the honest struggles of life - as the've heard about and seen God's love in those who have cared for them. They recently shared they want to be baptized. We look forward to our first baptisms!

As a church we were able to get involved with the recent Joni & Friends retreat. Several of our families were able to receive additional spiritual, physical and emotional support as they experienced much needed, fun, rest and recharging. We now have additional families looking forward to the retreat in 2023.

A family shared how they have seen God move in their childs life through City Hope GR. They said, "City Hope is making a special difference." Their child, who lives impacted by disability, is equally part of the church. Now this family is regularly part of worship, all because of a child who has found a sense of belonging. Praise God!