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- Thank you God for all those who continue to spread the word about City Hope GR, as a church of all abilities.

- Thank you God for the incredible Ministry Partners provided, and for those considering the special opportunity and unique difference in being a partner. God, You are bringing special purpose and passion in the lives of our Ministry Partners because of what You are doing through City Hope GR.

- Thank you God for all the people connecting together through City Hope and how their lives are being changed. 

- Thank you God for an incredible church - Your people using their gifts, who want to make a difference.


- For strength, discernment and provision in some next steps around the shepherding and supports necessary for our individuals and families.

- For protection from the evil one as we run to God together, working hard to be faithful to God's call, reaching out and loving each other in every place of life together.

- For additional Ministry Partners as we work to expand the reach of City Hope GR.

- For continued financial provision, as we hope to meet our budget needs, then allowing us to dream and push the vision for growth out even further.


A family shared how they have seen God move in their childs life through City Hope GR. They said, "City Hope is making a special difference." Their child, who lives impacted by disability, is equally part of the church. Now this family is regularly part of worship, all because of a child who has found a sense of belonging. Praise God!