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The latest prayers & Stories - March 2021

Here they are...


- A great info gathering on Saturday, March 20th! For the first day of Spring, we had another in-person opportunity for people who wanted to find out more about the vision and church of City Hope GR. There were several new people and we're just so grateful for what God continues to do! (Additional in-person info opportunities will be available monthly.)

- God continues to build the Core Team (people committed to City Hope GR as their church home). Core Team people are committed to Gods work through the vision of City Hope GR - as they grow in Christ, use their gifts in helping launch the church, and commit to tithe.

- Construction in our shared space, made available by Monroe Community Church, is moving quickly! Floor work, drywall and exterior work is now underway.

- Thank you again God for an amazing partership (guide) team and our encouraging work together.

- Thank you God for continuing to provide supporters.

- The word-of-mouth regarding this new church and the excitement around it.


- Ongoing prayer request - God is growing the Core Team again! This continued growth has been an ongoing request. It's exciting to see His hand at work. We want to keep praying for His provision of people. People who have a heart for and catch the vision for this all-abilities church.

- Of course prayers for health and safety of our already existing team, Ministry Parnters and all those connected to City Hope GR. Satan would love nothing more than to bring harm to those commited to God's work here.

- Continued prayers for the families of our community as they cope with so many challenges in the ups and downs of life adjustments - for those who are, as well as those who are not affected by disability. We continue to hear about the challenges covid has presented for so many, in particular support services and opportunities that have been very limited. These changes are having a negative affect on the well-being of so many. We pray for these support services and opportunities to open up again. As we pray for this, we continue to look for ways we can help people connect with each other as they find purpose and know the love of Jesus in their lives and homes.

- God has continued to provide financial support for City Hope GR, brining down our outstanding balance to be raised. We are so grateful! We ask for God to provide the outstanding balance of $24,250.

- That our preparation for Family Camp with Joni and Friends will come together well, as scheduled (with many restrictions lifted by June), and with a large turnout.


A few weeks ago one of the people we had met (who has an interest in the ministry of City Hope GR), contacted us about meeting with another family they had heard about. This is always exciting and seems to be happening more and more! When meeting with the referred family, they mentioned how they have been impacted by various disability and that they had been praying a long time for a church like City Hope GR. God keeps working!

We met with a college student who desires to get involved, he was sharing how autism has been part of his life, specifically regarding relationships and opportunities. God has been opening doors for him and he continues to see his importance and how he's able to make a difference. Through that conversation, another person he knows has become very interested in City Hope GR as well. God keeps connecting people!

On Saturday, March 20th we held another info gathering - an opportunity for people to come, find out more and ask questions regarding this new church. We had been praying for God to do something special again. The day before we already knew He had good plans. 8 new people were there, with some committing to be involved in God's work through City Hope GR! Additional referral contacts are also already coming as a result of those who God brought on Saturday. Again, God keeps directing and doing what only He can do!