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This is Where you'll find prayer thoughts and stories

July 22, 2021

12:30 PM

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This is where you'll find monthly prayer opportunities and some stories of God at work. It's the spot where, as ministry partners, we lift requests and thanks to God. With that in mind, we recognize God's continued work in His redemption story.

Here they are...


- Thank you God for all the opportunities to meet with individuals and families as we continue to learn while spreading the word about City Hope GR.

- Thank you God for providing new Ministry Partners, people who are praying and involved in this new church.

- Thank you God for all of the construction people working so hard to get things ready in the new facility as we prepare to launch soon.

- Thank you God for connections with the many organizations we'll be able to refer to and work with as we care for the well-being of those You bring.

- Thank you God for the amazing Core Team of people you've brought together as part of City Hope GR. This could never happen without Your continued provision, so "Thank you!"

- Thank you God for how You're moving hearts to spread the news about Your work through City Hope GR. 


- God that You would surprise even us in an overabundance of people with and without disability, coming together in excitement as one picture of Your church.

- That facility construction stays on track now, so that we can indeed move in throughout August.

- We need about 35 volunteers in order to provide worship opportunites and various support services as we step into being a church for all abilities, for those with AND without disabilty together, as one church. We pray for God to over-provide and we trust Him for provision here, just as He has provided in the other ways. (God, we also thank You in advance for Your provision, to the glory and renown of Your Holy name!)

- For protection for the whole team.

- As we do the work in front of us that we would continue to seek God's lead, directing and moving things in place according to His plan.

- For protection and growth in the lives and ministries of all the incredible Ministry Partners God has provided.

- For continued new opportunties to share about City Hope GR.


A couple weeks ago a conversation continued with someone that's part of one of the local higher education schools. During that conversation this person shared the desire to become even more involved in sensing God was nudging a deeper commitment in the ministry of City Hope GR. Through that conversation another family member of theirs connected with us. Now, it appears God may also be moving the additional family member to get involved. It's so incredible to be part of how God connects and provides. We're trusting in Him!

While doing some work out of a local coffee shop, I (Dave) met someone who is at the very beginning stages of starting a new church. We had a great conversation and he shared all about what he had heard regarding City Hope GR. Then, he mentioned something that was totally surprising. He said that part of the reason he was starting the church was because of what he had heard about City Hope GR - he went on to say how God had revealed He was calling him out to also step in faith in starting a church. WOW! Another surprising way God works under the layers we often do not see. Praise God!!