Prayers & Stories

Prayers & Stories

This is Where you'll find prayer thoughts and stories

 June 21, 2021

 10:15 PM

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This is where you'll find monthly prayer opportunities and some stories of God at work. It's the spot where, as ministry partners, we lift requests and thanks to God. With that in mind, we recognize God's continued work in His redemption story.

Here they are...


- Thank you God for a new family and 2 other individuals interested in being involved in City Hope GR.

- Thank you God for providing relationships, partnership and an incredible facility through the heart and vision of our parent church, Monroe Community Church!

- Thank you God for contionuing to develop relationships within a growing team of people who are choosing to make City Hope GR their church home.

- Thank you again God for doing what only You can do, for parting the seas and making a way forward when it seems scary standing at the waters edge. (God keeps showing us and others powerful glimpses of what He has in store!)

- Thank you God for your continued protection.

- Thank you God for the opportunities as you create connections with those You are calling to be part of the powerful story of your work through City Hope GR!

- Thank you God for Your work through our partnership with Joni & Friends, for the way You're working in the lives of families  dreaming and excited for a church to worship with and call home.


- That construction would stay on schedule without further delays. We know there are so many people who need space and opportunity to gather, especially now. We're looking forward to launching in September and trust God to provide. 

- For the families desperate for breathing space, for moms, dads and kids who just need to know they are not alone! For families to be reminded God loves them more than they can imagine and that He has a purpose and a special plan for their lives.

- That God would continue to provide people, more than we can imagine - for the growing Core Team and those who will make City Hope GR their church home.


- Opportunities to share on radio, TV and other ways about the ministry of City Hope GR.

- For many churches to rise up and step into the opportunity to love and walk with those impacted by various disabilities. 

- We need about 35 volunteers in order to provide worship opportunites and various support services as we step into being a church for all abilities, for those with AND without disabilty together, as one church. We pray for God to over-provide and we trust Him for provision here, just as He has provided in the other ways. (God, we also thank You in advance for Your provision, to the glory and renown of Your Holy name!)


The other day a young boy with a disability was able to do something many of us take for granted. He just wanted to come up on a stage where he could dance and be allowed to be in the same space as other kids. When I helped him get up to the stage I realized what it means to even do the simple things, how lives and families are affected by compassion and love when they see others genuinely care for them. God moves through moments when otheres aren't afraid to be part of their world in some way.  

This week we've been part of the Joni & Friends Family Retreat at Maranatha. Being able to laugh, cry, hear the stories and share part of life with so many families from all over the midwest has been a life-giving and life-changing experience. One person shared with me about the importance of doing small things because of a big love and how anyone can make a difference doing small things. Another mom of an amazing young man with some special challenges said how great it would be to be in a church where her son would be allowed to welcome people, to be himself alongside others. We're looking forward to this expression of the church in Grand Rapids!